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Property Management Dubai FAQs

property management in Dubai

Choosing rental property management companies in Dubai is necessary yet time-consuming. Verifying the company’s business license and establishing the legality of the services it may provide Reading client comments and reviews, as well as chatting with prior and present customers, are extra measures to consider while selecting Dubai property management services.

When maintaining a property in Dubai, there are several factors to consider and details to be aware of. Our Frequently Asked Questions will help you along the way.

1. Questions: What is property management in Dubai?

Answer : Property management in Dubai refers to the process of overseeing and maintaining commercial or residential properties on behalf of the owner.

2. Questions: What is the purpose of the RERA rent calculator? How will it assist tenants?

Answer : The RERA rental index is a tool that allows users to assess the average market rent (by unit type) in any place and forecast prospective rent changes. It is updated and computed on a regular basis using Ejari data for various attributes. Tenants can utilize it to see if the landlord has the space they want to rent.

3. Questions: What should a renter do if he or she is given a rent that is greater than the market rate?

Answer : Rent is usually a market component in a new contract, and the tenant and landlord can negotiate the rent to achieve an agreement. Renewal rent increases, on the other hand, should be consistent with the rental index. If there are any remaining problems in the future, the tenant may seek assistance from the Rental Resolving Disputes Center.

4. Questions: Could you please clarify the Rental Dispute Settlement Center's procedure? What happens if a tenant and a landlord disagree? How long will it take to resolve?

Answer : If a tenant and landlord are at clashes, it is recommended that the renter first communicate with the landlord and make steps to address the matter. If there is a disagreement, the tenant may seek assistance from the Rental Dispute Resolution Centre. It includes a quick process for resolving complaints about unpaid rent and security deposits that takes only a few weeks.

5. Questions: What does the law say about keeping a rental apartment? What about painting or small repairs, for example?

Answer : Unless both parties agree differently, the landlord is liable for any required or voluntary upkeep on a rented flat. Most rental agreements, however, provide that the renter is liable for minor maintenance expenses (usually less than Dh500). Unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement, the property owner must repaint at the conclusion of the lease period. Repainting is a type of maintenance job.

6. Questions: When and how frequently are rent increases permitted in Dubai? Is it correct that a landlord cannot raise the rent during the first three years of a lease?

Answer : If approved by the RERA rental index, the end of each lease period may be connected with a rental rise. Although lease periods vary, most residential and business leases are for one year or more. The landlord may raise the rent in accordance to the RERA rental index or not, and must provide the tenant 90 days’ notice unless otherwise agreed before the lease term expires. No, given the current state of the legislation.

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7. Questions: When should a tenant be informed of a rent increase? Do renters have the right to challenge the rent increase? If so, how and under what conditions?

Answer : In the case of a rate rise based on the RERA rental index, the tenant must be provided 90 days’ notice. If the asking Dubai Rent falls within the rental index range, tenants may protest to a rent rise.

8. Questions: What is the maximum amount of a security deposit that may be taken out in total? Tenants have sometimes claimed that landlords have seized a considerable amount of deposits made in good faith. Can a landlord, for example, deduct the cost of painting or thorough cleaning from the security deposit?

Answer : The landlord has the right to take money from the security deposit to cover delinquent rent and other expenditures stated in the lease agreement, such as standard painting and thorough cleaning fees.

9. Questions: What happens when a landlord demands that a tenant vacates? Is it feasible for the landlord to send an eviction notice before the lease expires?

Answer : Before requesting a renter to leave, the landlord must give them a 12-month notice. The following are extracts from Law 26 of 2007, which determines eviction criteria.

Article (25)

  • A landlord has the authority to request the eviction of a tenant before the lease expires if the tenant fails to pay all or part of the rent within 30 days after receiving notice from the landlord. The tenant sublets the entire property or a portion of it without the owner’s express authorization; the subtenant is liable to eviction, and the owner maintains the right to refer the tenant for restitution.
  • If the tenant or anybody they allow to use the property for inappropriate or illegal purposes. Uncertainty if a tenant makes alterations to the property that endanger its safety and cannot be repaired, or if he willfully ruins the residence or allows someone else to do so due to gross carelessness in failing to take adequate precautions. Assume the tenant utilizes the property in a manner that violates land-use, building, or planning standards, or for purposes other than those for which it was rented. Property owners who fear their structure is in risk of collapsing must produce a Dubai Municipality-approved technical evaluation.
  • When a tenant’s lease term expires and the landlord decides to seek eviction, the following scenarios may occur: If the property must be dismantled and rebuilt in accordance with demands from government officials owing to Emirate development needs. If the property requires major maintenance or repairs that cannot be completed while the renter is occupying it, Dubai Municipality will provide and certify a technical report to that effect.

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10. Questions: Who is responsible for any service expenses related with a property?

Answer : The landlord is responsible for any service costs linked with a property. However, as a tenant, you must additionally pay a municipality tax of 5% of the yearly rent, which is shown separately on your power statement (this is in addition to the 5% VAT). You might be asked to contribute to the air conditioning rates if the property has to be set up to meter each unit individually. In this case, the developer/owners association, rather than a separate utility supplier, would be in charge of charging the payments.

11. Questions: What documents are needed to rent a property in Dubai?

Answer : If the rental agreement is made in your name, you will need your passport, residence visa, and Emirates ID. A business trade license, a copy of the company owner’s passport and visa, and a passport and visa for the renter or tenants if the rental agreement is written in the company’s name. A salary certificate may also be required to verify adequate income to pay the rental amount.

12. Questions: Can I sublease my unit without my landlord's permission?

Answer : A tenant is not permitted to sublease the property unless previously agreed upon with the landlord in the tenancy contract or without the landlord’s prior written consent. They must follow UAE legislation.

13. Questions: How do I find a property management company in Dubai?

Answer : You can find a property management company in Dubai by searching online, consulting with real estate agents, or asking for recommendations from other property owners.

14. Questions: What are the laws and regulations regarding property management in Dubai

Answer : Laws and regulations regarding property management in Dubai are governed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and Dubai Land Department (DLD). These laws regulate the registration and licensing of property management companies, as well as the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants.

15. Questions: What are the benefits of hiring a property management company in Dubai?

Answer : Some of the benefits of hiring a property management company in Dubai include professional management of the property, increased rental income, and reduced stress for the property owner.


Choosing a property management company in Dubai is a significant undertaking. It is advised that owners hire a property management company from the start. In Dubai, Your Place Real Estate offers expert property management services. If you’ve recently acquired a new property or are seeking for apartment maintenance services in Dubai, Your Place will conduct a comprehensive inspection just before the guarantee term expires. Rental property management businesses in Dubai provide this service to assist developers in locating flaws and free remedies.

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