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Your place online real time report

The Most Detailed and Transparent Reporting For Landlords

Your Place’s online real estate management reporting & accounting portal (Dream) enables Landlords to view all financial transactions relating to their properties in real time.​

Our in house developed system shows all debit and credit transactions related to the managed property together with summary and detailed statements giving a clear picture of cash flow and financial performance of each property.

Accessible from anywhere Dream gives landlords the extra reassurance of being able to view transactions relating to their property at anytime.

Key Services

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Real Estate Portfolio Outlook

Includes the client details, a summary and the history of clients purchases and sales, the total rental income, the current cash balance and two graphs showing the yearly total rental income and the cash balance evolution.

Account Statement

This section allows our clients can read and reconcile chronologically every single transaction for the entire period Your Place has managed the property.

Single Property Outlook

Here our clients can find every detail regarding a single property. The property detail, the purchase detail, the full risk insurance, the current rental contract details, the property accounting and the property net income.

Portfolio Income Milestones

This section is reported as a chronological list of future rental income, the client can gain a true understanding of future incomes so they effectively plan cash-flow and future reinvestment.

Tenancy Contract Management

This part of the report displays all future deadlines for each property, landlords can easily understand tenancy contract renewal statuses for those expiring within the next 90 days.

Cash Balance Available

The available cash balance withdrawal section shows a transparent calculation resulting in the cash that the client can withdraw, without the risk that future expenses would require the landlord to deposit cash back into the account.

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