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May 17, 2024
Registration of a Dubai tenancy contract with Ejari in 2024

AboutRegistrationFeesOfficesFAQsDubai is home to numerous expats from all over the world. If you are searching

March 28, 2024
From Investment to Income: Streamlining Your Dubai Rental Property Journey

Dubai's thriving real estate market makes owning a rental property an attractive proposition. However, navigating

March 13, 2024
All you need to know Types of Rental Disputes in Dubai

Dubai's thriving rental market provides a wide range of possibilities for both tenants and landlords.

March 7, 2024
A Guide to the Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors

Benefits of the Golden VisaWho is eligible to apply?When may an investor apply for the

March 5, 2024
Step-by-step guide for renting out apartment or villa in Dubai

Renting Out Your Property in DubaiFAQsMany people have entered the field of real estate investment

March 4, 2024
Everything About DLD’s Real Estate Management Companies in Dubai

Real Estate ManagementProcedure to ApplyFAQsLegitimacy and authenticity are important in every sector. Dubai, the futuristic

Guides Real Estate
February 23, 2024
How to Save Money on Property Management Dubai Fees and Costs

If you are looking for property management services Dubai, you need to be aware of

Property Management
February 21, 2024
New Tenant Checklist for Landlords

Landlord’s Checklist for TenantsFAQsIt is your duty as a landlord in Dubai to make sure

February 15, 2024
What You Need to Know About Ejari True Copy Attestation in Dubai

Ejari True Copy AttestationProcess of True CopyFees of True CopyFAQsRERA launched the Ejari rules and

December 27, 2023
Everything You Need to Know About Freehold Properties in the UAE

Overview Advantages Best Freehold Areas Laws Regarding Freehold Properties Buying Procedure FAQs Because of its

December 15, 2023
Top 10 UAE Property Developers (2023)

The UAE is a major player in the real estate industry, drawing in buyers and

Real Estate
December 11, 2023
How to Make Dubai Home Rental Payments

Dubai's real estate industry features a thriving rental sector. However, rent payment is the tenants'

December 11, 2023
Everything you need to know about Tenancy Eviction Notice in Dubai.

People are increasingly renting out their homes. People choose rental apartments because of its flexibility

December 11, 2023
A Sub-Leasing Guide for Dubai Tenants

It is uncommon for tenants in Dubai to sublet a rental home; yet, many tenants

December 11, 2023
Responsibilities of Every Dubai Tenant

Dubai is attractive for a variety of reasons. People from many walks of life visit

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