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How to Make Home Rental Payments in Dubai

How to Make Dubai Home Rental Payments

How to Make Home Rental Payments in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate industry features a thriving rental sector. However, rent payment is the tenants’ first priority. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) have implemented a variety of measures to control the rental sector, including property rental payments in Dubai.

In Dubai, tenants can pay their rent in a variety of methods. Let’s go over all of the several methods renters in the Emirate can pay their rent, but first, understand the difference between a fixed contract and a no contract.


Tenants must pay their rentals on time, according to Dubai tenancy law.

Home rental payments in Dubai are determined on the sort of lease agreement you signed. According to Dubai’s RERA tenancy law, landlords and tenants can include rental payment terms in their contracts.

An legally binding contract helps in the maintenance of a positive relationship between landlords and tenants. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the tenant to pay rent on time and enjoy the property’s rights.

In Dubai, there are two forms of rental agreements. Let us learn about them and how to make rental payments in accordance with these agreements.


In Dubai, the majority of houses have fixed rental contracts. The landlord and tenant agree to terms and conditions under this contract for a set period of time. Tenants or landlords must, however, register the signed lease agreement on Ejari.

The tenants are required under the fixed-term rental contract to pay their rent on time. Failure to pay rent on the due date may result in legal action from the landlord. Furthermore, any impacted party may commence legal action by filing a rental dispute with RERA based on contract breaches.

Furthermore, failing to pay house rent constitutes a breach of contract. It might be one of the reasons for a tenancy eviction notice in Dubai. As a result, tenants must pay their rent in the methods specified.


Short-term rentals are a practical option for new expats who are awaiting their residency visa. Monthly or daily short-term rentals in Dubai do not require a written contract or RERA or Ejari registration. Furthermore, these short-term rentals provide a variety of payment choices, including daily, weekly, and monthly payments.


You will discover that most landlords in Dubai do not want to receive monthly rent payments for homes when you sign a contract. Single or multiple cheques are preferred. These checks can also be post-dated.

If the amount is little, some landlords may accept cash. It is, however, not the recommended method of payment. Furthermore, with the new agreement between Dubai Land Department and Emirates NBD, direct debit will become a realistic alternative. Post-dated checks will be digitized, allowing rental payments to be collected through the UAE Central Bank’s Direct Debit System (UAEDDS).

Let’s go over all of the options for paying house rent in Dubai.


Tenants can pay rent in Dubai through a single cheque
In Dubai, tenants can pay their rent with a single cheque or multiple post-dated cheques.

In Dubai, some landlords accept a single cheque as a property rental payment. A single cheque represents full rent payment for a year, with the cheque dated on the day tenants get property keys.

While this kind of payment provides landlords with security, it is not always possible for tenants. Paying a lump sum payment, on the other hand, might provide tenants an edge during rent negotiations. In terms of single cheque payments, tenants may have to pay less rent than if the rental payments were made monthly, quarterly, or biannually.


An alternate and more convenient approach to a single cheque is to divide the payments into two, four, or six cheques annually. Multiple cheques as house rental payments in Dubai decrease the financial stress on renters.

On the day the property is turned over to you, you can offer the landlords two, four, or six post-dated cheques. When paying with many cheques, tenants will not be able to haggle the price significantly.


Ejari direct debit payment for rent
You may simply pay your rent in Dubai using a credit card.

Ejari is linked to a Direct Debit System. With the agreement inked between the DLD and Emirates NBD bank, direct debit will become the preferred way of house rental payment in Dubai with the implementation of the DDS system. However, Emirates NBD account members as well as credit or debit card holders can pay their property rent by direct debit.

This approach will assist to eliminate cheque mistakes and delays. Furthermore, it would assist property investors in receiving rent via an internet payment portal. The project is also part of the Dubai Government’s plan to minimize paper consumption.

Additionally, the digitized method will benefit both parties because landlords or property management companies in Dubai will no longer have to worry about post-dated checks, and renters will have a flexible payment option.

Tenants often pay their rent in two, four, or six installments. However, the direct debit method will avoid the usage of many post-dated cheques and will allow the renter to pick the payment date. The rent payment dates will be set by the landlords and renters when the tenancy agreement or renewal is signed.

Furthermore, the landlord will collect renters’ direct debit requirements. The DDS system will assist to decrease the need of post-dated cheques by automatically debiting the money from the tenant’s account on the payment date.

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