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Property buyers and sellers must be aware with RERA forms

Property buyers and sellers must be aware with RERA forms

Property buyers and sellers must be aware with RERA forms

If you are unaware of the processes, duties under the law, and paperwork needed, buying and selling property in Dubai may seem a bit confusing. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) has various definite forms that must be used in frequent scenarios due to the huge amount of real estate transactions in Dubai. The numerous RERA forms in Dubai for real estate-related transactions are shown in full below.

Understand RERA

The Dubai Land Department’s regulatory division, RERA, oversees and authorizes the city’s real estate market. All real estate transactions in Dubai are made transparent and equitable thanks to the standardized RERA forms. If this is your first time purchasing or selling real estate in Dubai.

Important RERA forms in Dubai that you should be aware of

The most popular Dubai Land Department forms used by buyers, sellers, and agents in real estate transactions in Dubai are listed below.


Agency contract agreement/listing form (Form a)

Form A For sale

One of the main RERA forms needed for selling a home is this one. Both seller and listing agent must both sign RERA Form A once the seller has found the agent who wants to market their property. Among the sections of RERA form A are:

  • a description of the seller’s and listing agent’s agreement.
  • Financial details, service fees, mortgage status, and payment schedules are among the property’s details.
  • information on the property’s marketing strategy. Without a signed contract, the seller is not permitted to list the property on any platform.


Form A will be authorized by the DLD’s Trakheesi system after it has been signed, and this will give the property advertisement a permission number.

It’s important to remember that when a property is put up for sale, the broker needs the seller’s information.

A Form A by RERA must be signed by all joint owners of the property, whether it be two or more.

The fact that a property owner can only complete three Form A at once and work with a maximum of three brokers (one for each broker) is another key component of RERA Form A.


Buyer’s Agent Agreement (Form B)

On the other hand, the RERA Form B is required if you are buying real estate in Dubai. This is also required if you buy offices in Dubai that are for sale.

When a buyer chooses an agent to locate a home for sale, they must sign one of the RERA forms. You must choose an RERA-certified real estate agent who can show you houses that fit your needs and price range.

All required information, such as the type of property the buyer is interested in, the location of the property up for sale, the buyer’s budget, and the buyer’s needs, must be included in RERA Form B.

The conditions of contract termination, the pay range, and the commission paid to the agency should also be included.

The buyer has the authority to unilaterally cancel this agreement for a particular cause in accordance with RERA law. In this case, the buyer must complete Form U and provide a thorough justification for ceasing future collaboration with the agency.


Form I – Agent Agency Agreement

An agreement known as Form I is made between two agents who work for both the buyer and the seller. The form details the agent’s clients and protects the agent’s rights. A professional connection between two or more agents is also guaranteed by Form I.

When numerous agents are working together to sell or lease a piece of property, Form I is mostly appropriate.


Form F – Sale Contract

The Memorandum of Understanding, often known as the RERA Form F, is one of the most significant real estate companies in Dubai. The purchase contract between the seller and the buyer is Form F by RERA Dubai. Once the buyer has selected the home and a price has been agreed upon, the paperwork is signed.

This form is required to finalize the sale of any flats or villas in Dubai that you intend to purchase.

Everything from the property and financial information to the fee to be paid to the seller’s and buyer’s agents will be outlined in the Dubai Land Department Form F.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, nevertheless, that Form F by RERA is only a legal contract if both the seller and the buyer have signed it, with the agent’s witnessing and attestation.

This is one of the RERA forms that must be completed in Dubai for any real estate transaction to take place.


Notice of Cancellation of the Agreement (Form U)

RERA The formal agreement cancellation notice for both parties in Dubai is Form U. By executing a copy of Form U, the buyer or seller may unilaterally terminate the agreement with the broker. It is the sole method of terminating the contract in such situations that is recognized by the law.

The real estate agent must receive written notice of the termination of the agreement in accordance with the rules in Form U. It is also necessary to state the reason for termination and the date on which the contract will end.

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