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Tips for Tenants Looking for a New Rental

Finding a nice spot to live when renting property in Dubai is only the first step. When looking for a new place to live as a tenant, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you locate a fantastic rental that you’ll love.

Here are our top advice for anyone wanting to rent property in Dubai to ensure you get the best deal.

Do your survey

Get to know your surroundings. Don’t consider too short-term when renting a property in Dubai. How is the drive or commute? Is it suitable for children? If you have children, look into the area schools. Examine the region to ensure that it is suitable for you.

Fully investigate

Is the property equipped with all of the necessary amenities? Are the windows in decent shape? Flush the toilet and turn on the tap and shower to check the water pressure. Bring a checklist with you and double-check everything.

Understand your legal rights.

Find out what your rights are as a tenant in Dubai. If you see any problems within the first few days of moving in, notify your agent or landlord so that they may be fixed soon away and you are not charged for damages.

Make a written record of it.

Check that the lease agreement includes everything you discussed with the agent or landlord. All points and conditions should be made clear. Your lease agreement is essential since anything that is not in writing is not legally binding.

Speak out!

They won’t know unless you tell your agent or landlord that the dishwasher isn’t working. One of the benefits of being a renter, depending on your lease agreement, is getting items fixed for free. Don’t be afraid to seek for assistance.

Develop trust

Being a good renter entails more than just paying the rent on time. Take good care of the rental unit. Accept responsibility for any damage you do. If you cultivate a positive relationship with your landlord, he or she will be more inclined to assist you if you have an issue.

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