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Dubai Land Department's quick guide

Dubai Land Department’s quick guide (DLD)

Dubai Land Department's quick guide

Every year, the real estate market in Dubai expands dramatically. This success may be attributed in part to how simple it is to conduct business and how transparent all real estate transactions are in the emirate. One of the city’s most notable government organizations, the Dubai Land Department (DLD), keeps tabs on the real estate market and all property transactions. Learn more about DLD and the services it offers to its clients.


The Dubai Land Department (DLD) What Is It?

Dubai Land Department (DLD) is a government-run organization that manages all real estate trade activities in the city and offers clients a highly integrated, transparent, and safe experience.

DLD was created to expand the emirate’s real estate market internationally, legalize land sales and purchases, and facilitate investment activities. The DLD makes sure that the interests of landlords, tenants, and investors are safeguarded whether you are buying a villa in Dubai or renting an apartment.


Department Of Dubai Land’s Regulatory Arms

In topics pertaining to Dubai’s real estate industry, the Dubai Land Department works in conjunction with its main regulatory arm, RERA.


Agency For Real Estate Regulation

All parties involved in Dubai’s real estate investment industry are provided with a legal framework by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), which also arbitrates disputes and controls real estate activities. The interests of all parties involved in the Dubai real estate market are protected by this body. All of its features and services are detailed in this practical RERA guide.


The Center for Real Estate Investment Management And Promotion

This center intends to encourage short- and long-term investments in a safe, sustainable way and link clients with important real estate market actors. This division of the Dubai Land Department helps both domestic and foreign investors, strives to create a stable, safe environment, and promotes the transition to a green economy in order to further the government’s stated sustainability objectives.


Center for Rental Dispute Settlement

The Dubai Land Department’s Rental Dispute Settlement Center is its legal division, and it employs a variety of procedures to resolve disputes involving the real estate market. Renters of villas and flats in Dubai may use the system to resolve conflicts more quickly and conduct transactions in a way that benefits both parties. The technology guarantees more accuracy and fairness.


The following are included in the list of services.

  • Invoice of Payment
  • Lawsuit for a Writ of Certiorari
  • Request Order
  • Offer and Downpayment
  • Grievance on a Payment Writ
  • Grievance
  • Suit in the first instance (Ownership of Jointly Owned Real Properties)
  • Suit in the first instance
  • Execution is being done (Ownership of Jointly Owned Real Properties)
  • Execution is being done
  • Conflict Lawsuit (for Amicable Settlement)
  • Appeal


Institute For Real Estate Innovation

The Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute, as its name suggests, offers a variety of courses to educate people about the real estate market in Dubai. Additionally, it aids in the licensing of agents to operate in the UAE real estate industry.

The curriculum in these courses includes the most recent market information and teaches the finest worldwide practices. Students gain knowledge of the cutting-edge methods and equipment used to provide the best outcomes.

The following is a helpful advice on how to become a real estate agent in Dubai if you are interested in pursuing this vocation.


Essential Services Provided in Dubai by The Department Of Land And Property

The Dubai Land Authority uses effective techniques to satisfy the needs of builders, owners, investors, and renters to hold real estate in Dubai lawfully.


Consumer Care

DLD does all in its power to provide you with the best services, from verifying your ownership certificate to monitoring your properties.


Reports on Real Estate Transactions Displayed

DLD publishes reports on mortgage and sale transactions on a regular basis. The reports include information on the property’s worth, sold and mortgaged areas, and description.


Validation of Ownership Certificate

By submitting your credentials and information about the location and property type, you may also verify your ownership certificate from the Dubai Land Department.


Supervision of Real Estate Management

DLD oversees and examines contracts entered into by Management entities for matters relating to property upkeep, security, and cleaning. It carries out the tasks given to it by the Director General.


Claim & Inquiry

Additionally, DLD provides developers, owners, investors, and other interested parties with the ability to get information about any real estate-related issue and to report any trust-breach.


Request for Property Status

You have the option to check the status of your property online through DLD. To start an enquiry, you can enter the kind of property, plot number, and area number. DLD can help you if you’ve invested in off-plan real estate in Dubai and want to keep track of the development.


General complaint

You can lodge a complaint against anyone who has betrayed your confidence in the real estate market through the Dubai Land Department’s complaints department. Describe the incident, provide your information, choose a complaint category, and then file a complaint.


Statistical Report Request

You might ask for information and statistics on the real estate market to aid in making a choice.


Latest Land Status

This service keeps customers informed of the land’s present condition. By typing the land or area number, you may find out the status.



Informing its clients on the significant improvements and real estate laws in Dubai is one of the DLD’s main goals. To propagate information, several actions are required.


Real Estate Education

The educational division of DLD is known as DREI, or the Dubai Real Estate Institute. You may enroll in a variety of real estate courses in English and Arabic to learn firsthand about the city’s investing market. You must present your passport, ID card, residency permission (if you are not a UAE native), commercial license, and initial Economic Department clearance in order to register.


Broker Registration Membership

Employees in Dubai’s real estate industry have the possibility to apply for the Broker Membership program in the Middle East through DLD. This training program, provided by Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute, gives you the knowledge and abilities necessary to function as a broker.


Applications & Online Portals for DLD

DLD provides a range of smart applications that Dubai citizens may use from any location.


Investment Strategy Map

The Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center, a division of DLD that focuses on investments, launched the Investment Map Portal to help investors find online investment possibilities. It functions on both iOS and Android.


System Mollak

All transactions related to the sale and purchase of jointly held properties in Dubai are handled using the web-based payment system Mollak.



An online real estate system called Dubai Real Estate Market (eMart) is used to offer properties for sale and auction in Dubai. Buyers submit their bids for the properties they want to purchase at auction. Once the auction is over, purchasers may finalize their online purchases using the system’s integrated payment gateway, noqodi.



The real estate trade and transactional operations of different parties are managed by the REST app. REST streamlines brokerage processes and aids in transaction evaluation. It was developed as a part of DLD’s commitment to Dubai’s ground-breaking, forward-thinking initiative “Dubai 10X.” Using REST’s rental and sale indices, investors may quickly assess a neighborhood’s attractiveness. DLD REST makes it simple to handle the attestation of your Ejari (tenancy contracts) in Dubai, whether you’re renting an apartment or a villa.


System Oqood

To improve openness between developers and buyers in off-plan investment developments, the DLD devised the Oqood system. To handle off-plan real estate developments and register first sales contracts, there is an online system with Arabic and English interfaces.


Partners DLD

DLD collaborates with a number of businesses to offer citizens of Dubai quick and top-notch services. In order to raise the bar for real estate operations in the city, it works with a variety of local and regional organizations. The following sectors are represented by its partners.

  • Licensed Brokers
  • Recognized Developers
  • Licensed Auditors
  • agents for escrow
  • Offices of Licensed Real Estate Brokers
  • Management Businesses
  • Centers for Real Estate Service Trustee
  • Centers for Real Estate Registration Trustee
  • Surveying Firms
  • Valuation Businesses
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