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Legal Procedures to Buy Property in Dubai

A Guide to the Legal Processes for Buying Property in Dubai

Legal Procedures to Buy Property in Dubai

Are you an expat looking to buy a property in Dubai? This is the article for you. According to UAE legislation, you can own a house in the UAE whether you are from India, the United Kingdom, or another nation. To acquire property in Dubai, you just need to fulfill basic legal procedures.

When you follow the prescribed stages, the used for are not difficult. This article contains all you need to know about the procedures for buying a property in Dubai.

Buy Property in Dubai

1. What Is the Law for buying a Property in Dubai?

Law No. 7 of 2006 governs property ownership in Dubai. The law allows UAE and GCC residents to buy property anywhere in Dubai. Foreigners can buy the property in either freehold or leasehold regions.

2. What Is the Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold Property Ownership?

The difference is that freehold ownership offers you complete ownership of the property with no restrictions, whereas leasehold enables you to possess the property for a specified length of time, up to 99 years.

3. What Are the Steps to buying a property in Dubai?

The method for buying property in Dubai is the same whether you want to own a house or make a profitable real estate investment in Dubai. Check out the steps below to learn more about them in depth:

Step 1: Draft the Buyer/Seller Agreement.

Once you’ve decided on the property, you may begin contacting the seller and negotiating. It is available in cash or as a mortgage.

You do not need the services of a real estate agent or a lawyer at this stage. The tough thing is to leave no opportunity for misunderstanding in the contract on cost, payment method or plan, or any other determining factors.

Step 2: Sign the Real Estate Selling Agreement.

The selling contract (Form F), also known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), may be simply downloaded from the Dubai Land Department’s official website (DLD).

You can add or connect your own terms and conditions to it. After the contract is complete, you and the seller should sign it in the presence of a witness and at the Registration Trustee’s office.

Also, you must submit a security deposit of 10% to the Registration Trustee, which you will receive after the transaction is finalized.

Step 3: Request a Certificate of No Objection.

This is a brief meeting with the developer to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and effectively transfer ownership. The developer will provide the certificate if there are no outstanding service bills or levies on the property.

Step 4: Transferring Ownership at the Registrar’s Office

The DLD is in charge of property registration through any of the licensed trustee offices. You gather the necessary documentation, appear in person, or send an authorized representative. The transfer is completed in a few stages.

  1. Provide the necessary documentation.
    • A payable cheque for the purchase price of the property
    • Original seller and buyer identification documents (Emirates ID & passport)
    • The original NOC
    • The signed F Form contract
  2. Get data verification
  3. Pay the fees and receive a payment receipt.
  4. Get the output by email.

If the parties submit their documentation on time, the transfer will be processed the same day. A new title deed will be issued in your name as the new owner when you get the approval email.

4. What Are the Administrative Fees for buying a property in Dubai?

There are administrative fees must be paid while relocating to the emirate. The charge is detailed below:

  • The title of deed is issued for AED 520.
  • DLD administration costs are AED 4,200.
  • The DLD charges 4% of the property’s value in fees.

5. Can You Buy Real Estate in Dubai Without Using an Agent?

You certainly can. There are many communities in Dubai where you may acquire property directly from the developer or from individuals who are selling their apartments.

Considerations When buying a Property in Dubai

  • We recommend that only deal with real estate who are not registered with RERA
  • Documents written in a foreign language must be authenticated and certified translations into Arabic must be submitted.
  • The transactions must be recorded within 60 days of both parties signing the contract.
  • Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Downtown Dubai are some major freehold areas in Dubai where foreigners may buy property.

You now have a comprehensive guide to the legal procedures for buying a property in Dubai. Investing in Dubai real estate is simple and straightforward.

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