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What is the role of a property manager?

Our property management team has some fantastic customer testimonials, but do you know what they actually do or why landlords should hire them?

Learn about the team’s responsibilities and how they may help you increase your revenue while also improving your connection with your renters.


Property managers oversee the landlord-tenant relationship.

Property managers’ principal responsibility is to manage landlord-tenant interactions. This entails being the primary point of contact, which may be quite beneficial for landlords who reside in a foreign country, travel frequently for business, or simply don’t have the time and aren’t as good at continuously keeping up with renters! The property managers will walk both the landlord and the tenant through the necessary steps of moving in and out, renting, and dealing with any rental or maintenance concerns that may arise throughout the tenancy. The property managers will be well-versed in all applicable laws and rights, and they will know how to handle and resolve any difficulties swiftly and easily.


They will increase your rental revenue to the greatest extent possible.

They will increase your rental revenue to the greatest extent possible.

Increased rental revenue for landlords is one of the most obvious ways property managers add value. One way they accomplish this is through their relationship management and property maintenance services. Tenants who are supported throughout their tenancy and whose complaints are addressed efficiently and swiftly are significantly happy and more inclined to remain longer and accept a higher rental payment to begin with. This, in turn, minimizes the number of unoccupied times in your home, allowing you to collect rent more consistently and without as many breaks. Furthermore, tenants are typically willing to pay a little more in rent if they know the home in which they would be residing is well-managed. This implies the landlord will be able to collect more rent each month.


They will do a comparative market analysis to verify that your property is competitively strong.

They will do a comparative market analysis to verify that your property is competitively strong.

The team will undertake a comparative market study before submitting a leasing proposal to the landlord. This entails investigating the prices at which similar homes on the market have previously sold. This analysis is conducted to assist in determining the most appropriate pricing based on the landlord’s needs in order to obtain a good deal within the needed time period. The staff will guarantee that your property stands out from the crowd in order to earn the highest potential profits.


They will promote your property and increase its visibility to prospective tenants.

This portion may vary depending on whatever agent or agency you list your home with, however we can discuss the marketing process using Your Place as an example. Your property management staff will handle the marketing of your home, which is critical if you want to attract the correct kind of renters who will meet you at a reasonable price.

When you list your home with Your Place, a professional photographer and filmmaker will capture it in its finest light, and the marketing team will publicize it. Your Place’s website has extensive exposure, so listing your property on our website is a good place to start, but we will also use the major property portals in the UAE. We consistently win accolades on these portals for our high lead generation, so we will make certain that your listing is seen by a large number of potential renters. Your property will also be promoted through our social media platforms and through social media adverts.

There will be several possibilities for people seeking to find your ad, therefore we will make every effort to maximize its visibility and hence the amount of interest from possible renters. Our sleek marketing will increase the value of your property for tenants, ensuring that we will have rented your property in no time.


Before and after each tenant, we examine your property.

It is critical to inspect the property before the renter moves in. Your property management staff will ensure that everything is in excellent working order and that any necessary maintenance work has been completed. They will make certain that your property is ready for renters to move in and that it is in living shape before they do so. This ensures that the renter is pleased when they come and allows you to get your landlord-tenant relationship off to a good start. It also protects the landlord and renter by reporting the state of the property, which helps to avoid future disputes over deposit refunds.


Experts screen your renters to save you time and decrease unoccupied times.

Our property management staff will screen all renters to avoid wasting time while looking for the perfect tenant to move into your home. Before signing the lease, property managers can screen potential renters to verify they are genuine about moving in. Your property manager wants to attract the right tenants so you can be confident that you will receive your rent on time and that your property will be well-maintained. The goal is to find you a renter who is trustworthy and intends to stay at the property for the term of the lease contract.


They manage the upkeep of your property.

Any maintenance concerns inside the property will be handled by your property management. They also claim low-cost, high-quality maintenance services. The property management staff at Your Place has excellent links with contacts that can deliver the essential services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Your Place exclusively employs a small number of reputable and skilled contractors for any handy work to guarantee that you don’t lose out in the long run by having subpar work done or a half-hearted temporary solution that may worsen with time. For the sake of your renters’ comfort, your property management staff will guarantee that the work is executed to a high level and within a reasonable time limit.


They handle your renters as well as all of the necessary paperwork.

They handle your renters as well as all of the necessary paperwork.

Your property management company will handle all of the paperwork and renters. Property managers are competent and understand all of the necessary legal processes, so nothing crucial is overlooked. Property managers provide tenant management services such as writing up and obtaining signatures on tenancy contracts, handling the moving in process and briefing tenants on how to get set up once they move in, managing and mediating any potential tenant disputes, handling the renewal process, and assisting the landlord and tenant with the moving out process.


They manage your financial support.

Your property management staff can also handle financial management in addition to all of this. This entails collecting deposits, rent, and any other needed payments from the customer, as well as ensuring that you are paid on time and in the correct amount. Property managers can handle your banking, PDC warehousing, and property statements as well. Furthermore, they can collect the tenant’s security deposit and arrange the entire or partial return of the deposit to the renter when they move out, if and when necessary.


Professionals carry out audits and reports.

Professionals carry out audits and reports.

Then, your property management Company will present you with regular reports and audits on your property or properties, as well as revenue and any other pertinent information. This includes reports on inspections and audits performed on your property, reporting of post-dated checks, and an annual tenant satisfaction survey to inform you to any concerns and potential improvements. A property report will also be provided, as well as information and updates on new leases, renewals, and break leases, as well as a quarterly / monthly statement.

There will be a quarterly update on the property market so you can stay up to speed on your investment and its future prospects, as well as a work order report. You may choose to be as active or passive in the administration of your property as you choose, but you will always be kept up to date on what is going on with your property, your renters, and the market.

Our complete property management service provides landlords and renters with total peace of mind. Whether you own a little apartment or a whole complex, let our pros handle the details while you reap the benefits. Furthermore, our objective is to maximize your return on investment with a high occupancy rate – so you can focus on more essential matters.

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