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Dubai Tenancy Contract Renewal

Dubai Tenancy Contract Renewal Processes

Dubai Tenancy Contract Renewal

Contract renewal

When it comes to renewing your yearly lease contract for your Dubai properties, keep in mind that 90 days is the key number. Given that Dubai offers such a diverse range of living alternatives, from low-rise apartments to massive spectacular villas, RERA’s Rental Calculator allows everyone to stay put and avoid paying outrageous hikes, as well as verify their landlords’ expectations of rental increases, if any.

Quick facts about being a Dubai tenant

1. 90-day notice.

Unless otherwise agreed, either party (tenant or landlord) must give 90 days’ notice of non-renewal of the tenancy contract. If the landlord want to raise the rent, the RERA index requires a 90-day notice period. A landlord cannot raise the rent if there is no notice. If no electronic or written notification is received, the Dubai property rental contract is automatically renewed at the same rental price and terms as the previous year.

2. A 12-month notice is required.

If the landlord wishes to sell or use the Dubai property for his or her own use or the use of first-degree relatives, he or she must provide you 12 months’ written notice through notary public or registered mail before to the eviction date. This is unavoidable.

3. File the tenancy agreement with RERA.

This prevents the same Dubai home from being rented out twice at the same time. If you do not register the tenancy contract, the Dubai Rent Dispute Settlement Centre will not hear any disputes that arise from it.

4. Rent is due.

The rent is generally paid in accordance with the conditions agreed upon in the Dubai property tenancy contract. Rent is frequently paid in the form of post-dated checks.

5. Price adjustment.

You have the right to bring a lawsuit with the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre if you and your landlord do not mutually agree on a price modification prior to a contract renewal. In this scenario, you must pay 3.5 percent of your yearly rent as non-refundable costs (minimum AED 500 to maximum AED 20,000) and attend the dispute center before a decision is issued.

6. Utility services.

You are not obliged to renew DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) as a renter every year. When you depart the Dubai property, give a copy of the final DEWA bill to the landlord or agent.

7. Proofs.

Above all, maintain copies of every correspondence. This will be useful if you need to file a complaint with RERA or the Dubai Rental Dispute Centre.

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