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Property Lease in Dubai

All Documents Required for a Property Lease in Dubai

Property Lease in Dubai

Home leasing in Dubai is the most common residency choice; hence, if you’re going to rent a unit in this amazing emirate, the first thing you need do after locating a good home is to complete the necessary documentation.

There is no need to conduct more research because this post has detailed information on the needed papers and process for leasing property in Dubai; simply scroll down!

What Documents Are Required to Rent a Property in Dubai?

When selecting to rent a property in Dubai, whether an apartment, villa, or other unit type, you must prepare a number of important paperwork.

You should also ensure that any necessary papers are current and valid. The documents required for property renting in Dubai are listed below.

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your residence visa
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • A cheque for 5% of the total annual rent (to secure the property) is required.

Which Papers Are Required to Document Your Dubai Tenancy Contract?

The purpose of recording your lease agreement is to make it formal and binding to both parties: tenant and landlord. To do so, you must submit several paperwork and official documents to the Dubai Department of and Property (DLD).

Take a look at the following documents to document your contract:

  • Passport copy
  • Residence visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Proof of paying the security deposit

Furthermore, DLD offers a quick and straightforward method for documenting your tenancy contract. As a result, you must follow their rules and regulations by supplying all relevant documents.

What Information Is Required to Complete Your Dubai Home Rental Contract?

When renting in Dubai, some details must be included in your tenancy contract. This phase comes after you’ve decided on a property and prepared all of the documentation needed to lease it.

The following information should be included in your contract:

  • Name and contact information for the landlord
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Name and contact information for the tenant
  • The amount of the security deposit
  • Size, name of the structure, and location of the property
  • DEWA premise number
  • Cooling fees and services
  • Payment method
  • The duration of the contract
  • Conditions of use
  • Rules for Evacuation
  • The yearly rent amount
  • Date of contract signature
  • Any requirements that the tenant must follow

When you sign the contract,

  • Payment of an agency charge (usually 5% of the rental cost)
  • Rental payments should be made with post-dated cheques.

Important: remember to provide the receipt for the amount you paid to the agency in addition to the rental cheques.

Signing the Contract

How Do You Register for Ejari Dubai?

As a tenant, you may quickly register your contract with Ejari; if you’re unfamiliar with Ejari, it’s an online contract registration platform. DLD manages it in order to approve rental contracts and agreements between landlords and tenants.

To register for Ejari, you must prepare the following documents and submit them either online or in any of Ejari’s typing facilities.

  • The original contract document (signed by both parties)
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • Proof of security deposit payment and cheques
  • Passport copies of the landlord and tenant
  • A copy of the landlord’s ownership certificate for the unit
  • A copy of the residence visa
  • The unit’s (9-digit) number, which is registered with DEWA.

If the unit’s owner is outside the UAE, the authorized person on their behalf can sign the contract; they must produce an official document proving this as well as a copy of their passport.

How Do You Get DEWA Services in Dubai?

DEWA services are easy to get in Dubai because they give you an SMS and email when you register for Ejari. This is due to the merging of Ejari and DEWA.

Following receipt of this information, you should take the following actions to begin using this service:

  • Download the DEWA app and then follow the instructions for requesting DEWA service operation.
  • Enter the contract number for Ejari, then submit a copy of your Emirates ID and passport.
  • Pay the refundable security deposit.
  • Finally, pay the DEWA operating charge (non-refundable).

The service will thereafter be operational. Furthermore, DEWA is the only recognized company in Dubai that provides water and electrical utilities, ensuring an integrated system for citizens.

Furthermore, the prior tenant may not have paid their bills; in this instance, the service will not function unless you pay the dues. As a result, before signing the contract, you should coordinate with the landlord to ensure that all bills are paid.

DEWA Services in Dubai

What Documents Are Required to Move to a New Property in Dubai?

Before relocating to a new property in a different area, you must get a moving permit.

Furthermore, you should always check with your agent or landlord before relocating to see if the new location you’re moving to requires such a permit.

Here are the papers you must provide in order to get this permit:

  • A copy of the signed rental agreement
  • A passport copy
  • A copy of the most recent receipt for payment of the unit’s service charge
  • A copy of the Emirates ID
  • Title of the Deed.

The following step is to evaluate the service cost; this is a necessary step in order to get the moving permit, since your request may be denied if there are any outstanding fees.

You should also pay a price to use the service elevator, and the building’s management may require you to pay a refundable damage insurance cost.

The documents listed above apply to all unit types, whether you wish to rent a villa in Dubai or an apartment.

Is an Emirates ID Required to Rent in Dubai?

Yes, an Emirates ID is required to rent any property in Dubai.


You must decide on the frequency of rental payments, also known as the number of Cheques, before you finalize and sign your leasing agreement. The majority of landlords accept two to four Cheques.

Fewer Cheques typically come with the ability to negotiate reduced rent.

One cheque

Landlords in more popular or wealthy areas, such as Downtown Dubai, may want one or two cheques.

Multiple cheques

It is more typical for landlords to accept numerous cheques.

What Should You Consider Before Submitting Cheques?

  • Before giving over the Cheques, request a copy of your landlord’s passport and title deed.
  • According to the Title Deed, you must always write Cheques to the landlord.
  • Get a copy of the property management agreement between the landlord and the agency (if applicable).
  • Examine the real estate or property management company trade license to verify that they are licensed for “Leasing and Management of Other People’s Property.”
  • Make cheques payable to a company licensed for “Supervision Services,” as they are not allowed to collect payments on behalf of owners.
  • Verify the Dubai Land Department’s website for the real estate agent’s registration number and licence.

How Do You Write a Cheque?

For an excellent cheque completion, use your best handwriting, as this is the most common reason for cheque rejection; you may follow the easy guidelines below.

1. Date

MONTH/DATE/YEAR is the date format.

This can also be written as 09/21/2023 or September 21, 2023.

2. Payee Comes First

You must include the name of the individual or company to whom you are making payment. Furthermore, it is essential to double-check spelling and facts.

3. Amount in Numbers

Fill in the amount in numerical format in the little box on the right. AED 30,000, for example.

4. Amount in Words

In words, express the sum written in step 3. For instance, twenty thousand.

5. Your signature

The most significant part of writing a cheque is signature in the lower right-hand corner. It confirms your commitment to pay the payee the indicated amount.

You have to verify that your signature matches the one you gave the bank when you originally started your account. Many banks will reject the cheque if the signatures do not match.

This knowledge guided you through a key step in the property leasing process in Dubai. All you need to do is select a suitable rental apartment to have an unparalleled living experience in this magnificent emirate.

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