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renting property in Dubai

If you’ve never rented a property before, renting one in Dubai may provide some unexpected challenges. In some respects, the ongoing connection with the landlord makes renting feel more like a job than a commodities purchase.

Choosing a good location for your rental property in Dubai is merely the first step. There are, however, precautions you may take to guarantee that your next rental experience is a positive one. Here are our best picks for anybody looking to rent a property in Dubai.

1. Carry out research.

Examine the surrounding region. Don’t plan too far ahead while renting property in Dubai. How much time does it take you to go to work? Is it appropriate for children? Make certain that this is the place where you want to live. If you have children, look into the area schools.

2. Take your time looking at rental properties in Dubai.

Examine everything carefully. Is the property equipped? Are the windows in good condition? Bring a list with you while seeing properties that interest you.

3. Know your legal rights.

Be aware of the legislation controlling tenants’ rights while renting property in Dubai. Make a note of any flaws you see in your Dubai rental house within the first few days and contact your agent or landlord so that they may be fixed right away and you are not fined for damages when you move out.

4. Make a note of it.

Check that the lease agreement covers everything you discussed orally with the landlord before signing. Make certain that all points and conditions are clearly mentioned, since anything not in writing is not binding.

5. Report any problems to your landlord.

You may be aware that the dishwasher has stopped working, but your agent or landlord will be oblivious unless you contact them. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help and have problems fixed at no cost to you, since this is one of the advantages of renting.

6. Be sincere and honest.

Being a responsible tenant includes more than just paying your rent on time. Inform your landlord if you will be unable to pay your rent one month. This will allow you to obtain his/her aid if you ever have a problem. Maintain the rented apartment as well. Accept responsibility for whatever harm you do.

Check out our handy checklist of things to think about before signing a lease on a rental house in Dubai. Best regards!

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