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Everything You Need to Know About DXB Interact

DXB Interact: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About DXB Interact

The remarkable growth of Dubai’s real estate industry is drawing interest from investors and individuals worldwide. To meet this influx, the government is implementing a variety of initiatives, with digitalization at the forefront. The DXB Interact for the Dubai real estate market is a notable example of real estate services digitization. The DXB Interact is a digital platform that offers a variety of real estate-related services in Dubai. Checking the history of a property or calculating a mortgage may all be done from a single site.

Here are all of the specifics about the services offered by DXB Interact.


The DXB Interact, like the DubaiNow app and other e-platforms, may be used to streamline real estate transactions. That being stated, the platform offers the following features that you may use.


The Interact gives entire property transaction history, including prior year price movements. The property history section assists purchasers in spotting potential problems with the property, such as structural deterioration or legal issues. Furthermore, it helps in estimating the exact worth of the property based on market conditions.

property history provides complete details
The property history gives detailed information about the property's current worth as well as any increases or decreases in prior years.

Details on Sales and Rentals

DXB Interact’s sales and leasing services elaborate on the market’s price trend. Users may gain insights into the most recent pricing patterns in a certain location, which aids in negotiating buying and renting rates. Users may also compare pricing patterns across different locations and even projects, helping in decision-making.


The market performance section gives a thorough summary of the real estate market. This includes an examination of sales trends in various locations as well as changes in property values over the last decade. The information may be sorted by property type (apartment, villa, plot, or commercial), construction state (off-plan or ready), and purchasing method (sales or mortgage).

Top Locations

Dubai’s real estate market is constantly expanding, with new developments being unveiled on a regular basis. Buyers may find it challenging to select from a variety of property possibilities. However, DXB offers data on the top-performing locations in many categories. For example, if you are looking for the best regions to buy apartments in Dubai, you may filter the results by property type, buying method, and seller, and the platform will provide the top 5 areas with price data.

Keep in mind that the number of regions is restricted to five, with no distinction between luxury and inexpensive residences. Here are the best luxury areas for buying villas in Dubai for people searching exclusively for luxury houses.

The Price Index

The DBX Interact price index is dedicated to the change in price per square foot. It provides a thorough examination of the per square foot price change in various places during the preceding decade. Users may select from a variety of property kinds, geographic locations, and construction statuses.


If you want to buy a house with a mortgage, the DXB INteract mortgage service is for you. The mortgage service provides information on property mortgage transactions and property mortgage values in various places.

Dubai real estate market
The DXB Interact for the Dubai real estate market gives comprehensive information on mortgage values and properties in a particular location.


Off-plan projects account for a large share of real estate sales in Dubai. DBX Interact’s off-plan services enable customers to obtain real-time information regarding off-plan property transactions in a variety of places. Users may also view the percentage of off-plan houses in a certain location.

If you are new to property investment, here are a few things you should know before buying an off-the-plan property.


DBX also provides service fee details, project monitoring, population, demographics, companies, rental trends, and a Dubai investment map.



Dubai Interact, often known as DXB Interact, is an online platform that offers a variety of real estate-related services.


The DBX Interact receives transaction data from the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

DBX Interact offered all of these services to help with real estate transactions in Dubai. Dubai’s real estate market is seen as a rich investment opportunity, owing to the country’s peace and order condition and the ease with which property transactions may be completed. That being stated, if you are interested in taking use of these amenities, go through these properties for sale in Dubai and invest in the expanding real estate market.

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