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Dubai Government Apps

8 Dubai Government Apps You Should Know

Dubai Government Apps

Do you need to organize your trip? There is a mobile app for it. Do you require medical or police assistance? There’s even an app for it. Do you need to refill your Salik account or pay your tolls? There is, of course, an app for that.

Living in a smart city like Dubai means that everything is just a touch or two away on your phone. It is no longer necessary to visit a government facility to make appointments or pay bills.

The government’s attempts at making technical solutions available to everyone have resulted in on-the-go connection. Everything has been made easier, faster, and safer, whether it’s paying utility bills or accessing personal or medical information.

We have put together a list of 8 important Dubai government apps that you should install right now. They are as follows:


UAE Pass acts as a secure identity authentication solution enabling mobile access to government services. It is a streamlined platform for proving your identification before you can begin utilizing services that demand evidence of identity.

You may use the UAE PASS to access other applications that are linked to your Emirates ID or resident visa once you download and login in to it. This means you won’t have to sign up for each platform separately, resulting in a unified experience across applications. It also allows you to digitally sign and verify papers.

2. DubaiNow

If you just want to download one app on your phone, look no further. You can do almost anything with DubaiNow. It gives you access to a variety of essential services, from utilities to driving, education to health, and residency to security, all on one platform.

This app allows you to set up your DEWA account, pay utility bills, and fill up your Salik and NOL accounts. You can buy, sell, or renew your car registration. You may also apply for or cancel residence sponsorship for your family, as well as contact emergency services such as the Dubai Police or the Fire Department. Dubai airports even provide real-time flight information.

DubaiNow gives you access to 130 services from over 34 private and public institutions. What a convenient one-stop store!

3. Dubai Calendar

With so many events taking place at the same time, it might be difficult to keep track of everything that is going on in Dubai! The Dubai Calendar app, on the other hand, gives information on all important events taking place in the city, whether you’re passionate about music, culture, art, fashion, health, or sports.

This app, dubbed the official listing of events in Dubai, allows you to find out about the city’s hottest scheduled events, add them to your calendar, share them with friends, and purchase tickets.

4. DHA App

Your health in the palms of your hand! The DHA App allows you to access Dubai Health Authority services directly from your phone. The app may be used to manage patient services, such as searching for professionals and facilities, scheduling appointments for you and your family, and keeping track of prescriptions and test results. It may be linked into your default health and fitness phone app for a more personalized experience!

5. Smart Salik

Smart Salik is a lifesaver if you drive in Dubai. This is the official mobile app for Dubai’s road toll system from the Road Transport Authority (RTA). You may check your balance, fill up your account, add or delete registered cars, and, most importantly, check your infractions using the app. You may also keep track of many profiles for family and friends.

6. Smart Drive Dubai

Smart Driving Dubai is another useful RTA software that may assist you navigate while driving. This simple program provides far more detail than Google Maps and is suited to Dubai’s road system, including critical information such as which lane to use at intersections. The software is routinely updated, and unlike other navigation applications, it does not require a mobile internet connection while driving as long as you have wifi or mobile data while establishing your destination.

7. S’hail (Public Transport)

With its world-class transportation system, getting about Dubai is a breeze. The RTA’s S’hail app makes it even easier. The app, which functions as both a travel planner and a map, may assist you in organizing your journey with the best public transit, whether it’s a single ride on the metro station or transfers between buses and trams. The app displays the optimal routes as well as the overall commuting time. Not only that, but it allows you to top up your Nol card and visit popular tourist attractions.

8. Dubai REST APP

The Dubai REST application – the go-to app for real estate services in Dubai – would not be complete without including the UAE’s top real estate agency. It is incredibly beneficial to both real estate brokers and end consumers. Users may access property information and documents, as well as request services such as mortgage bids and property assessments, and pay service costs, on what is billed as the Dubai Land Department’s smart and secure portal for all your real estate needs. Most notably, it enables landlords and tenants to handle lease registration, renewal, and termination, as well as file rental dispute cases.

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