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Motor City Area Guides Dubai

Guide to the Motor City Area

Motor City is ideal for families, with big houses and green areas.

Motor City, a great place for families, is a thriving suburb inside Dubai, with several grocery stores, hairdressers, spas, entertainment choices, schools, and nurseries.
Except for work, those who reside in Motor City rarely need to leave the city for any reason.

With so many possibilities for the entire family, living in Motor City is ideal for families who wish to live in a lively town without breaking the budget. The neighborhood is a unique and beautiful community with plenty of green space and spacious apartments

While it is not in the center of Dubai, the position provides an escape from Dubai’s rush hour traffic, since numerous main routes and inner roads link to Motor City.

motor city area guide

Where in Dubai is Motor City?

Motor City’s public transportation

  • Autodrome and Business Park 1, 2 bus stations
  • Motor City Uptown Apartments 2 bus station
  • Motor City, Spinney Market 1, and 2 bus stations

Driving times from Motor City

From Motor City, you may get to the following places:

  • It takes 28 minutes to get to Jebel Ali.
  • 17-minute drive to Dubai Marina
  • 23 minutes to Dubai Mall
  • 21 minutes to DIFC
  • 24 minutes to Dubai International Airport

Motor City amenities and facilities

  • Lots of restaurants in the area
  • Spinneys market
  • Emirates NBD Bank
  • Soul Cycle
  • Dubai Autodrome
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Tennis and Cricket Sports academies
  • Nurseries
  • First Avenue Mall

You’ll appreciate that there are so many things for your children to do – Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Miracle Garden, and the Mall of Emirates are all less than 20 minutes away.

The First Avenue Mall is the newest addition to Motor City’s shopping scene. There are various restaurants, hairdressers, and even an ACE Hardware store here. Across the street is Spinney’s grocery, as well as a pharmacy, a number of eateries, and stationery, photographic, and pet companies.

How is life in the Motor City?

  • Many families
  • Relaxed way of life
  • There are several food and entertainment options.
  • Nearby facilities are excellent.

Because the buildings in Motor City are clustered, residents have access to shared common amenities such as swimming pools, parks, and gyms.

As a result, the neighborhood fosters a feeling of community and is an excellent place to live for meeting new friends and speaking with your neighbors.

The overall feel of the region is less frenetic and fast-paced when compared to Dubai’s more commercial living zones, providing inhabitants with a quieter and greener environment in which to live.

It’s not unusual to see individuals running and jogging on the walk routes or enjoying the outdoor exercise spaces; many people also go to amenities beneath the buildings because it’s a pedestrian-led lifestyle.

Who lives in the Motor City?

  • Families
  • Bachelors
  • Pet owners
  • Nature enthusiasts

The area is more popular with families than with bachelors, and the nations are extremely diverse. Because it is a shared communal place, you may expect to see people of diverse nations and ages.

It is especially popular with small families who wish to raise their children in a safe atmosphere and have access to a variety of playgrounds, nurseries, swimming pools, gyms, and other forms of entertainment without having to leave the neighborhood.

Motor City properties for rent and sale

The following are the average rental prices in Motor City:

  • 60,000 AED for a studio flat
  • AED 70,000 for a one-bedroom flat
  • AED 100,000 for a two-bedroom flat.
  • Villas with three bedrooms: AED 250,000

The following are the average sales prices for residences in Motor City:

  • AED 700,000 for a one-bedroom flat.
  • AED 1,250,000 for 2-bedroom flat.
  • 160,000 AED for a three-bedroom flat
  • AED 2,800,000 for a three-bedroom villas.

What are the properties in Motor City like?

Motor City is divided into three distinct areas: Uptown Motor City, Green Community Motor City, and Business Park Motor City.

The former provides cheap mid-sized apartments and three-story townhouses. The neighborhood is made up of clusters of apartment buildings. The Green Community Motor City nearby features spacious mid-sized villas with views of the community lakes.

The Business Park Motor City is currently under construction, however this area of the town has low-rise residential and business blocks.

Motor City is a fantastic place for a young family just starting out in Dubai or those seeking a calmer and more peaceful lifestyle, with plenty of living space in general, a beautiful location, and a variety of facilities around.

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