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Dubai Waterfront Area Guides Dubai

The Dubai Waterfront is intended to be the world’s largest waterfront and man-made complex. The project would consist of canals and artificial islands and will occupy the final remaining area off the Persian Gulf shoreline of Dubai, the most populous emirate in the UAE. The Dubai Waterfront series of zones will have a mix of business, residential, resort, and amenity sectors. The project’s only objective is to establish a World Class destination for inhabitants, visitors, and enterprises in the world’s fastest expanding metropolis; a world with a city.

Dubai Waterfront

Dubai Waterfront is located on Dubai’s western coast; it will turn an area of around 1.4 billion square feet of barren desert and sea into an international community for approximately 1.5 million people who will be able to live, work, and enjoy their time there. Dubai Waterfront has being created mostly on the final 15 kilometers of natural coastline in Dubai and will eventually provide around 70 kilometers of shoreline, including 23 percent of the Arabian Canal development.

The position of Dubai Waterfront enables easy access to practically every section of the city on a local and international scale. The primary development core along the seashore provides a diverse spectrum of housing, business, and industrial districts, as well as nearby significant tourist attractions and recreational services. The project will include a number of connected islands with villas and high-end accommodations, as well as a variety of cheaper housing options for Dubai’s working community.

Dubai Waterfront is on its path to become a resource-efficient, socially equitable, and economically prosperous landmark. It will reduce the ecological effect, which has been a significant concern in all city design, building, and operating decisions. Integration of utilities in dedicated utility centers where process streams are interconnected and trash is turned into energy to power the city will also accomplish energy and water conversation. Dubai Waterfront is poised to begin on its journey as one of the city’s most significant and distinctive developments.

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