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What you need to know about selling off-plan properties

off plan properties agents

It’s no wonder that you’re expected to perform the impossible as a real estate agent. This is especially true when dealing with off-the-plan houses.

Selling a property off the plan might be difficult. Whereas brokers dealing with ready homes may show customers what a property looks and feels like, you can only hope that a display unit will sufficient for prospective purchasers. In the absence of this, you’ll have to cross your fingers and rely on artist impressions. Awesome!

There has never been a better time to be an off-plan realtor, with a rising number of purchasers looking at and prepared to go for yet-to-be-built residences. Sure, it has its own set of obstacles. However, there are various actions you may take to ensure your success.

Understand your product thoroughly.

In this industry, like with other sales, how well you know your product is critical. Your understanding of the benefits and drawbacks puts you in the ideal position to explain to potential consumers why they should choose what you’re giving over the other alternatives available.

Collect as much information as possible. From the completion date to the fittings and finishes, contracts, payment choices, structural specifications, and even the developer’s background. Don’t limit yourself to pamphlets and factsheets. Look for press releases and news articles. While you’re at it, learn more about the region and its surroundings.

Contacting the developer is an excellent first step. It is they who have a need to know and a desire to know facts about the property.

Learn about additional new developments in the region.

Now that you’ve covered the basics, extend your search by looking at the competitors in the market and focusing in on the area you specialize in.

In addition to restricting their selections based on geography, prospective purchasers look at other houses within a specified price range. To increase your capacity to sell, you must be able to frame what you’re selling as more desired than what else is available.

Begin by locating other developments and initiatives in the neighborhood, then expand from there. Do this while noting the features that distinguish your property from others.

Find out more about the secondary market.

Every piece of information assists a broker. Whether it’s for off-plan or move-in-ready houses, keeping an eye on the market and current trends may put you miles ahead.

With purchasers hopping between the off-plan and secondary markets to get the best deal, it’s important to understand what’s on offer on both sides.

Gather as much information as you can about the actions and statistics in the secondary market, just like you would for any fresh developments in the region.

Collaborate with a good closer sales person.

Perhaps, you’ve already established a network with other crucial participants, particularly on the development side. It’s never too late to start if you haven’t already.

Solid working connections should not be limited to suppliers and buyers. This is especially crucial in the off-plan sector, since the majority of your business will come from developers whom you will represent and work directly with in some capacity.

Knowing representatives from the developer’s side will assist you in closing a transaction. This guarantees that the level of service you initiated is maintained throughout the process. Why? Because it facilitates and expedites procedures and processes, particularly during the closing phase of a transaction. You can, and if you’re exceptionally kind, your customer will be priority.

off plan properties agents

Remember to take care of your customers after the sale.

How do great brokers differ from novices and amateurs? This is a post-purchase service. Take your business to the next level by implementing a robust aftersales service strategy. In addition to setting you apart as a professional agent, a well-defined post-sale service also shows that you care about your clients after the sale has been completed.

There are several ways to accomplish this. One of them is to set a reminder to follow up and check in with the customer after a certain period of time. Small acts like these may have a great impact. It can boost client retention as well as provide avenues for recommendations.

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