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The Top 10 Expat Areas in Dubai

property invest in Dubai

Dubai is a trendy oasis in the desert, a city packed with luxury, ultra-modern urban tastes and facilities that attracts a 9.5 percent annual population increase. Expats looking to purchase property or invest in Dubai are a part of this surge. That is why we have compiled a list of the best 10 areas in Dubai for expats to reside!

1 –Marina Dubai

dubai marina apartments

Consider a beautiful high-rise apartment with stunning beach views and plenty of seclusion for you and your spouse or family. These are the benefits of residing in Dubai Marina. You’d also be near to Dubai’s core, giving you access to world-class facilities and luxury getaways.

2 – Al Barsha

The accessibility of Al Barsha is what attracts expats. Its proximity to two main roadways facilitates commuting for residents of Media City, Internet City, and Emaar Business Park.

Apart from that, residences include standalone and semi-detached villas as well as some apartments. These neighborhoods are also close to restaurants, cafés, stores, supermarkets, and the prestigious Mall of the Emirates.

3 – The Islands of Jumeirah

Islands of Jumeirah

The Jumeirah Islands, a collection of 50 man-made islands between Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina, are one of Dubai’s most recognized tourist attractions. It is a gated community that is almost self-sufficient, featuring schools, hospitals, gyms, stores, and other facilities for inhabitants. Certain neighborhoods are also influenced by Spanish, Italian, or traditional Muslim architecture, making it ideal Dubai real estate.

4 – Mirdif

The most convenient location (north of the city and east of Dubai International Airport) is also the least expensive. You may live in the center without incurring excessive living expenses while still enjoying the comfort of being close to baccalaureate and General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) schools, sports centers, and shopping malls!

5 –Downtown

Downtown Dubai


Consider this area if you want to spend as little money as possible on Dubai real estate. Downtown homes are among the most luxurious, located near huge corporate headquarters and other attractive places such as the ice rink, underwater zoo, and Dubai fountains.

6 – Business Bay

Business Bay is located in the center of the Dubai International Financial Center and the Dubai World Trade Center. In a hypermodern setting like this, your options are restricted to premium high-rise flats.

7 – Arabian Ranches

Modern city living, while tempting to some, takes a back place to those who appreciate metropolitan goods from a distance. The Arabian Ranches fills this void by being a gated neighborhood outside of Dubai’s central business district with houses and flats near a golf course, equestrian center, English-speaking schools, and hospitals!

8 – Media City

Media City is home to Dubai’s creative industries, including journalism, publishing, internet media, advertising, and television. As a result, it is not a very residential region. While housing spaces are available, the majority of real estate is set aside for business use. Most Media City employees prefer to reside in areas such as Dubai Marina.

9 – Motor City

Ownership of a home in Motor City will allow fans of motor racing to realize their ambitions. They may watch races at the Dubai Autodrome and live at UpTown Motor City, a car-themed utopia complete with apartment complexes, schools, stores, and racing-themed entertainment spaces.

10 – City of Sports

Expats who prefer a more active way of life might invest in Sports City real estate. Owning a home in this area grants you access to world-class gyms, sports clubs, stadiums, and academies. This location is fantastic because it is one of the more cheap possibilities on this list!

To summary

Depending on their tastes, Dubai provides numerous intriguing spots for expats to reside. We recommend that you pick according to your budget and lifestyle to get the most bang for your money in this modern Middle Eastern paradise, whether it be media, sports, racing, or ultra-luxury.

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