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The quickest way to sell your property in Dubai

sell your property in Dubai

Finding the ideal buyer and getting the greatest bargain for your Dubai property can be challenging due to the broad and active real estate market. But, there are a few suggestions that might assist you in selling your property fast. Whether you’re a newbie seller or an expert investor, we’ll look at some of the finest strategies to sell a property in Dubai quickly in this piece.

1 - Get an accurate property valuation

property valuation
Get an accurate property valuation with our professional services, ensuring you know the true value of your property

Asking two or three reputable agencies to evaluate your property is the first step after deciding to sell your property. There should always be a physical assessment so the agent can evaluate the property’s location, condition, and any renovations. Also, the agent should be able to demonstrate knowledge of and expertise working in your neighborhood, as well as provide comparable proof of comparable properties that have previously sold and the price they fetched.

2. Select the best agent for you.

Select best agent for you.
Choosing the right agent is crucial - carefully analyze their skills, expertise, and experience to find the perfect match for your real estate needs.

Ask the agents how they plan to complete a quick sale while still obtaining the greatest price for you when they visit your property to do the valuation. By their comparative proof and by looking into their web presence, you may determine which agent is the more active. As you will be collaborating closely to sell the property, it is essential that you can trust the agent you are dealing with.

3 - Be ready to sell your property

Be ready to sell your property
Ready to move on? Sell your property with ease and confidence with our expert guidance and support.
Before deciding to make a purchase, buyers frequently see a number of houses. As a result, it’s imperative to make sure your home shines out from the competition. By making a few minor tweaks, this is sometimes extremely simple to accomplish without spending a lot of money. When you start promoting a vacant home, ensure sure it has been thoroughly cleaned and newly painted. If you intend to live there, make sure the place is clean, smells well, and has enough of natural light.

4 - Have your paperwork ready to avoid delays

To achieve a quick sale, you should clarify with your selected agent what paperwork you’ll need and have them prepared. If you have made any sizable improvements to the property, you must ensure that you have obtained the necessary NOCs (no objection certificates) from the appropriate authorities. They will be necessary for the transaction to be completed, and if they are missing, it may take a very long time. Be sure you have the original title deed in your hands if the property is free and clear of liens; a copy will not be accepted when transferring ownership. The replacement process for the original title deed will take around a month if you have misplaced it.

5 - Decide on a price and marketing plan with your agent.

It is crucial that the property is correctly introduced to the market if you want to sell your Dubai property swiftly. It is imperative to include professional images, a video, and a well-written property description. Your agent should be aware of the price at which previously sold comparable homes sold, and the listing price for your house should be no more than 5% higher to allow for negotiations. The realtor should have a ready bank of possible purchasers who have submitted their information and whose needs match your property before your property is advertised online. Everyone of them has to be called and asked to an open house before the launch.

6 - Be ready for the viewings

Agents put forth a lot of effort selling homes, sometimes working past normal office hours. They frequently conduct viewings on weekends, in the late afternoon, and in the early morning. It’s essential to have your house open for viewing at all hours of the day and to keep it appearing tidy, clean, and attractive at all times if you want to sell it quickly. Your property’s front, including any entry areas or the front lawn, should look nice and be welcoming. To make the space feel welcome from the time the customer enters, the agent should arrive a little bit earlier than the client, check that all of the curtains or blinds are open, and switch on the lights.

7 - Keep in mind that the market is always right.

Property valuation is not a precise science, even when considering similar data, and the market will always decide what the real worth of the property is. Several various things can affect the value. You should negotiate with your agent to lower the price to a level that would attract more interest if, after 10 days on the market, you have not received an offer for your property or reached an agreement on a sale. This should result in a decrease of at least 5%. Instead of lowering the price, you may invest some money in improving the house. But, if you want to close the deal quickly, this might not be the best course of action because the improvements would add time to the process.

8 - Think about your offerings

There are a few factors that must be taken into account when an offer is made on the property. The price being given is undoubtedly the most significant factor. Yet the buyer’s buying position comes in second. Are they making cash purchases? If so, do they already have the money or do they have to raise it? Have they already begun the mortgage application process and received pre-approval if they plan to finance their purchase? It’s crucial for you to thoroughly comprehend the buyer’s completion timelines when time is of the essence.


9 - Choose a reputable conveyancing company.

reputable conveyancing company.
A key to a stress-free property transfer: selecting a trustworthy conveyancing company.
If your agent has achieved his primary goal of finding a buyer for your property, the next crucial step is to hire a reputable conveyancing agency to oversee the transaction from the time the contracts are signed until the transfer is complete. The laws, rules, and procedures in Dubai are always changing, so it’s critical that you work with a reputable business that is informed, experienced, and will help you through the necessary procedures while also saving you time and money. The majority of trustworthy agents will cooperate with and be able to suggest their preferred conveyancing company.

Do you have to sell in a week?

The advice presented above explains the essential actions you should take to position yourself to get the greatest deal, even if you want to close the transaction quickly. But, there are situations when you can find yourself in a situation of necessity and need to sell your property even faster. Given these conditions, even during a difficult market, there will always be cash investors seeking out profitable deals. If you contact the top agencies, they will deal with these types of investors and should be able to predict which buyer will purchase the home at a discount within a short period of time.

We wish you success in selling your home soon and that you are able to do it at the price you desire. Please get in touch with us if you need any more guidance or if you want to list your property with us.

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