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The Complete Guide to Getting a Green Visa in UAE

The Complete Guide to Getting a Green Visa in UAE

The Complete Guide to Getting a Green Visa in UAE

In the UAE, a new visa has been issued that is causing quite a stir, and for good cause. One of the numerous benefits of the UAE’s Green Visa is that it does not require a sponsor for an individual to obtain it.

We’ve gathered all the information you require right here.


What Exactly Is a Green Visa?

The Green Visa is a new form of residency visa that allows you to live in the UAE without the sponsorship of a citizen, employer, or family member.


How Long Is the Green Visa Valid?

The Green Visa in UAE is valid for 5 years, which is a considerable difference from other resident visas, which are typically good for 2-3 years.


Who Can Apply for a Green Visa in the UAE?

The UAE issued the Green Visa primarily to lure international talent to the country. Accordingly, the following people are eligible to apply:

  • Freelancers and self-employed individuals
  • Employees with expertise
  • Partners and investors


What Are the Conditions for Obtaining a UAE Green Visa?

When applying for the Green Visa, the following documents must be submitted:


Self-Employed and Freelancers

  • A self-employment or freelancing permit issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Proof of education, preferably a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma
  • Proof of income from freelancing or self employment for the previous 2 years (the amount shouldn’t be less than AED 360,000) or evidence of financial solvency to justify remaining in the UAE


Partners and investors

  • Investment authorization (minimum AED 1 Million)
  • Investment evidence (total investment capital should be included if applicant has more than one license)
  • Approval from the appropriate local authorities


How Much Does the UAE Green Visa Cost?

The application expenses for the green visa have yet to be revealed.


What Are the Advantages of a UAE Green Visa?

  • In the UAE, family members of Green Visa holders have the following advantages:
  • First-degree family members, including spouses and children, are issued visas for the same period as the holder.
  • Children’s ages have been raised from 18 to 25 for guys, with no age limit for unmarried daughters.
  • Children of determination, whatever of age, are granted the visa.


When Will the Green Visa Be Available in the UAE?

The visa is planned to be completely operational by October 3rd, 2022.

Your residency in the UAE is a lot simpler option now that you have the definitive information for the Green Visa.

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