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Selling Real Estate in Dubai

What To Do When Selling Real Estate in Dubai

Selling Real Estate in Dubai

Many people invest in real estate in Dubai, which is a good idea if you want to remain for a while or want to start a profitable business. Selling a home in Dubai, on the other hand, may be a lengthy procedure with several processes to follow before the transaction is completed.

Whether you wish to sell property on a frequent basis or this is your first and only time doing so, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These measures are essential for a smoother home selling process. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Meet a Real Estate Agent

What you should prioritize is finding a reputable real estate agent. Having someone manage and promote the property may assist ease the entire house selling process because they are familiar with and understand the local property market. Remember to choose real estate agents who have been approved by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency, or RERA.

Another factor to consider when contacting a real estate agent and employing them to sell your home is their professionalism and track record. You want to secure a good property deal fast and easily, and that sort of speed and ease is best done with the help of a skilled and experienced agent.

Marketing and promote the property

Property sales will be impossible if you are unable to advertise the building you are attempting to sell. It is critical that you and your real estate agent work together to advertise and spread the news about your home.

While it may be easier said than done, you will need to utilize a range of strategies to make your home appealing. High-quality images and videos for your web listings are an excellent place to start. Remember to prepare the site for both online and in-person property viewings.

Arrange paperwork with the buyer

Finding a buyer puts you at the midway point of the property selling process. Any outstanding documentation and contracts between you and the buyer should be resolved, so seek assistance from your real estate agent to smooth things out.

Having a memorandum of agreement through the Purchase Agreement Contract in Dubai will allow you and the buyer to outline the terms and circumstances of the property transaction. You will also be needed to provide a No Objection Certificate in order to complete the sale.

Transfer Official Ownership

Once the documentation is completed, the legal transfer of ownership may take place. This will take place in a Dubai Land Department office, and both the seller and the buyer must be present. As a witness, the real estate agent must also be present.

Remember to bring the paperwork, as well as a copy of the title deed and other identifying documents, such as an original passport and Emirates ID, to the office. Some charges, such as transfer fees to the DLD, will be borne by both the seller and the buyer.


There are various more things to consider when dealing with mortgaged property, but these are the most important. Checking these items off your list will conclude your Dubai home sale.

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