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Choosing Between Renting Furnished vs Unfurnished Property in Dubai

Renting Furnished vs. Unfurnished Property in Dubai: A Guide

Choosing Between Renting Furnished vs Unfurnished Property in Dubai

Are you looking to rent a property in Dubai? Do you need assistance deciding whether to rent furnished or unfurnished property? Choosing the correct rental home can be difficult at times. This decision will have an influence on your finances, lifestyle, and enjoyment in your new house. While furnished residences have the advantage of being ready to move into, unfurnished properties allow you to customize the space to your liking. In this post, we will go through the benefits and downsides of furnished vs unfurnished houses so you can make the best selection.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Furnished and Unfurnished Property?

Choosing Furnished and Unfurnished Property

When deciding between furnished and unfurnished properties, you should consider the following factors:

Your Personal Taste and Preference

Are you comfortable anywhere, or do you require a certain setting to feel at ease? If you fall into the latter category, a well-furnished flat is the ideal option. If you fall into the first category, consider renting an unfurnished apartment.

You and Your Dependents

Are you relocating with your children and pets? If this is the case, the furniture is more likely to be harmed. Any damage to the furniture in a furnished flat might result in the loss of your security deposit. Another consideration is that furnished apartments are not always child-proof. As a result, you should make your decision after taking this issue into account.

Your Plans for Dubai

How long do you intend to spend in Dubai? Furnished apartments are far more expensive than unfurnished apartments. If you want to remain for a short period of time, a furnished apartment may be preferable because you won’t have to buy new furniture. However, if you want to remain for an extended period of time, the cost of new furniture may be cheaper than the additional rent for a furnished flat. In this instance, an unfurnished flat is preferable.

What Are the Different Kinds of Furnished Properties?

There are two kinds of furnished properties:

Semi-furnished Properties

A certain set of furniture is included with a property that is semi-furnished. It might have pre-installed cabinets, dishwashers, closets, and so on.

Fully- Furnished Properties

A fully furnished property includes all of the necessary furniture and accessories for a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, your bedroom will have not just a closet but also a bed and a side table.

What Is the Difference Between Renting Furnished vs. Unfurnished Property?

Unfurnished and furnished houses both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us talk about them.

The Advantages of Furnished Property

Here are some advantages of renting a furnished property:

    • Moving In Costs Are Lower

The expense of moving in and setting up your new home is the most expensive part of renting an apartment. You may considerably reduce these expenditures by renting a furnished apartment. Because furnished houses contain all furniture, all you need to bring is your own stuff. You are not required to buy new furniture or relocate your existing furniture from your former residence.

    • Save time throughout the shifting process.

The moving process may be psychologically and financially draining. Moving into a furnished home will greatly lessen this stress because you won’t have to bother about prepping your furniture for relocation. As a consequence, the time necessary to relocate to your new location will be reduced.

    • Good for Short-Term Rentals

Because most furnished apartments in Dubai are only accessible for a limited time, they are ideal for students and professionals. Renting one will save you the time and trouble of transporting large furnishings across vast distances.

Disadvantages of Furnished Properties

While furnished houses offer numerous advantages, they also have some disadvantages. Here are a few examples.

    • Fewer Decor Personalization Options

One of the primary disadvantages of renting a furnished apartment is that you cannot decorate it. You may only make temporary alterations to furnished houses, such as installing wall hangings or lighting. This will limit your decorating options, and your home will not reflect your individuality.

    • Changing Out Old Items for New

When moving to a furnished apartment and already have old furniture, it might be difficult to arrange them in the new apartment. Because the new flat is already well-furnished, there would be little room for fresh furnishings. You may eventually have to sell your old furniture.

    • Average Annual Rent is High

A place’s rent is affected by a variety of factors such as location, facilities, number of bedrooms, and so forth. Furnished apartments, on the other hand, sometimes have greater yearly rent and security deposits than unfurnished flats. This is due to the fact that practically all furniture and household requirements are available.

    • Furniture has a high level of liability.

When renting a furnished home, you are responsible for both the property and the furniture. This implies you’ll have to pay for any damage and maybe replace it if necessary.

    • Tenancy Agreement Is Complicated

Furnished apartment tenancy agreements might be more difficult than unfurnished apartment tenancy contracts. As a result, before renting the home, you should review the inventory list, terms and conditions, and damage clauses. This will help you prepare for any future problems.

The Advantages of Unfurnished Properties

After we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of furnished houses, let’s look at the advantages of unfurnished properties.

    • Bring Your Style and Comfort

Landlords usually supply solid furniture in furnished apartments. Style and comfort are sometimes overlooked. Unfurnished apartments are ideal if you wish to live in a setting that reflects your personal taste and comfort. You may arrange your flat whatever you like and select the most comfy furniture.

    • Lower Liability

Tenants are liable for any damage made in the unit by themselves or their visitors. Renting an unfurnished flat reduces your liability.

The likelihood of this damage increases in a furnished flat since tenants utilize furniture provided by the owner. They are solely liable for the property itself and any appliances that come with it in an unfurnished home.

    • Rent is less expensive.

Because of the convenience, furnished apartments frequently have a higher rent and security deposit. This is not true for unfurnished units. Rent and security deposits are lower since the landlord is not required to furnish furniture.

    • Leases for a Long Period of Time

If you need a place to live for an extended period of time, an unfurnished apartment is the ideal option. You may acquire the furnishings you want and live in a pleasant environment. Long-term leases are also an excellent opportunity to negotiate rent with the landlord.

The disadvantages of Unfurnished Properties

Here are several disadvantages of renting an unfurnished property.

    • Less Flexibility

If you are staying for an extended period of time, an unfurnished flat will be more suitable. If you are just staying for a short time, an unfurnished apartment may be more expensive than a furnished one. This is due to the fact that you will have to spend money on new furniture and then pay to have it moved to your new location.

    • Expensive Furnishing

When renting an unfurnished flat, you have to buy new furniture or relocate your existing one. Both may be quite pricey and costly. If you employ a moving company, they will charge you based on numerous criteria, including the amount of furniture and the distance traveled.


Which is better: renting furnished or unfurnished? You must have realized by now that there is no one answer to this topic. The decision ultimately comes down to your requirements and preferences. If you like to decorate your house, an unfurnished flat is ideal. However, if you are content with a handy location, you might choose for furnished houses. If you are looking for apartments to rent, Check out our Dubai apartments for rent.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Is it preferable to live in a furnished or unfurnished home?

Renting furnished vs. unfurnished is a personal choice based on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. However, unfurnished houses are often seen as superior to equipped ones.

What is the difference between furnished and unfurnished property?

The difference between unfurnished and furnished houses is that the latter does not include furniture. In comparison, the latter has all of the furniture and conveniences.

Is it preferable to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment in Dubai?

If you travel regularly, renting a furnished property in Dubai is preferable. This will help you save money on furniture.

What does it mean to be furnished or unfurnished?

Furnished refers to a rental property that comes fully furnished. Unfurnished, on the other hand, refers to a space that lacks furniture.

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