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buy properties in Dubai

Buying a property in the UAE might be difficult. A foreign country and its regulations, legal intricacies of documents, and the language barrier are all important considerations. It makes sense to employ a competent broker with extensive knowledge of the local market who will guide you through the complex web of available possibilities, help you make an informed selection based on your individual situation, and handle the transaction documents.

Why should you choose a professional agent?

You are legally permitted to acquire real estate in the UAE without the assistance of a realtor. Saving money on fees may be appealing, but you must first understand what a broker performs.

Buying real estate without an agent is similar to to self-medication over the Internet without visiting a doctor. When it comes to your health, you can’t depend solely on Googled advice, if only because not all internet material is accurate. You require the help of a professional who has extensive experience in the relevant sector and subject-matter knowledge.

“Buying a property is not the easiest thing in the world.” Even if you know the city well, which is uncommon, only a competent realtor can help you avoid mistakes and manage aspects you may not have considered. “Agents understand the market completely and know where, what, and when to buy,”

Another consideration is the documents with which a broker is working. They give legal assistance with the transaction.If you buy real estate from a developer, an agent is your most trusted partner. The developer’s sales section solely sells real estate built by this construction companies. Because an independent agency works for you and your advantage, they will provide you with projects from various developers.

How to Verify an Agent’s License

Every agent in Dubai must be registered. The UAE values high technology and total transparency, thus you may verify the agent’s and agency’s licences using the Dubai REST app. This is an official Dubai Government application for following the status of an off-plan property, researching real estate companies and developers, managing leasing agreements, and much more.

Qualities of an experienced agent

The Dubai real estate market is oversaturated. Not all brokers who provide their services are qualified and have the necessary expertise. To select an informed professional, you need examine numerous things.

An agent must be a real estate counselor rather than a salesperson. You can identify many projects and seek the agent’s opinion to get a sense of who you’re dealing with. A skilled broker will list all advantages and disadvantages and give justifications. They may bring up not only apparent qualities like the property’s location, but also a variety of other important facts. Experienced specialists are familiar with the district’s infrastructure, as well as the availability and placement of schools and stores, main highways, entrances and exits, and so on. You may also inquire about the community’s drawbacks in respect to your particular preferences.

An agent must understand the details of the transaction as well as the documentation necessary to acquire real estate. They must offer you as the prospective owner with all feasible closing choices and explain the transaction’s legal context.

A excellent firm should have a properly designed website and be active on key social media platforms. You may also read reviews, which are rather subjective, but if a clear unfavorable pattern can be identified, this might be used against this agency.

Take note of how fast and effortlessly the agent reached out to you. If they can accomplish that, they can certainly deal with other agents, buyers, and sellers, which means reputation, networking, and the ability to negotiate better terms for your transaction.

How much do agent services cost in Dubai?

A average charge is 2% of the property's value.

Decisions to make before meeting with an agent

It is important to resolve some crucial difficulties with yourself:

What is the purpose of your property? Real estate is never a one-size-fits-all situation. For example, you may feel extremely comfortable living in an apartment or a villa in a gated suburban area, but such a property is very hard to lease out by the day. This type of lease is not even permitted in some buildings and complexes. When looking for a buy-to-live home, a knowledgeable realtor will consider your tastes, lifestyle, family, and so on, rather than the objective factors that make the house simpler to lease or sale.

Do you have any crucial needs for any parameters? This question is similar to the preceding one, except that it addresses specific desires that are best discussed individually, such as having a storage space in a villa, being able to order meals from the hotel on whose grounds the apartment is located, and so on.


All of these questions may have different answers, and it is totally natural to not know precisely what you want or seek to develop an image of real estate price ranges in Dubai. However, for your interaction to be efficient, the agent must grasp your conditions.

If you are hesitant to share your preferences, family concerns, and financial capacities with a stranger, try talking about other topics with the agent. Inquire about their lives, careers, and experiences in the UAE. This may help to reduce the strain.

Investing in Real Estate in Dubai

Please contact Your Place Real Estate if you are looking for an apartment or a villa in the UAE for relocation, as a holiday home, or as an investment asset. We will happily answer all of your inquiries and assist you with any difficulty, no matter how difficult.

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