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Global investors are welcome to invest in Dubai!

dubai investment

It’s prime time to invest in the world’s most exciting destination, as it has a growing market. The government of Dubai is always introducing new laws that encourage investment. The good news is that investing in Dubai isn’t as complicated as you might think for those from around the world! Our team at Yourplace can help you from A to Z, from finding the right property to managing it. Just get in touch with us.

Do you want to know more about investing in this magnificent city? We can help.

What is the truth?

Dubai has become an investment hub that continues to grow. It attracts over 16 million visitors a year with its expanding economy. Moreover, it serves as a gateway for 2.4 billion consumers from the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and East Africa. With a visitor spending of $30.8 billion, it has become the world’s top city for entertainment and retail. Dubai allows foreign ownership of 100% of businesses, and it offers attractive benefits for real estate investors as well.

Why Dubai?

This desert city is always sunny, so why has it attracted worldwide investors? The city boasts cutting-edge infrastructure. As well as having well-designed streets and communities, it also has cutting-edge ports and airports. In terms of business, trade, and tourism, this makes it one of the world’s busiest entrances.

Due to Dubai’s outstanding governance and policies, business has also been made easy in Dubai, with its ranking as the highest in the region for ‘Ease Of Doing Business’. Furthermore, Dubai has a strong record of attracting foreign direct investment, becoming the preferred global FDI destination for more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies.

Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate in Dubai

With regards to real estate investments in the United Arab Emirates, there is an undeniable charm to this investment hotspot. Tax-free Dubai is open to investors worldwide and is a popular tourist destination. The city has also ranked as the 7th safest for tourists, residents, and citizens in the world. Your rights are always protected in Dubai with legal measures protecting both companies and clients.

In spite of its competitiveness with the world’s most populous cities, it still maintains its affordability. Although it retains its status as a luxury destination, it still offers high returns to investors. Owning a home in Dubai is exciting enough, but there’s also the possibility of receiving a residency visa for your investment!

Confident? Get in touch now and we will help you discover the best real estate investment opportunities in Dubai!

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