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UAE's new visa rules

Everything we know so far about the UAE’s new visa rules

UAE's new visa rules

From September 2022, the government has announced significant changes to UAE visas. These modifications will make sure that the UAE continues to draw the greatest talent from all around the world, much like other lucrative visa and investment options. The UAE’s new visa policies will also benefit professionals, students, and investors, among others.


New UAE Visa Regulations

The UAE’s new visa system is excellent news whether you want to visit the nation to visit relatives or hunt for a job. We are aware of the essentials even if all the details have not yet been disclosed.


Exploration of Jobs Entry Visa

The UAE attracts a lot of young professionals looking for new career possibilities. This endeavor will be made simpler in particular by the new job exploration entrance visa.

Applicants for this visa won’t need a host or sponsor because of the UAE’s new visa policy. Anyone who has earned a degree from one of the top 500 colleges in the world and falls into the first, second, or third skill level (as determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) is eligible to apply.


Multi-Entry Tourist Visa

The newly proposed visa requirements include a new 5-year tourist visa, which eliminates the requirement for a sponsor for applicants. The visa may be renewed for a further 90 days, allowing for prolonged stays. The UAE does, however, only allow a maximum of 180 days per year of stay.

Candidates must enclose with their application a six-month bank statement showing a minimum balance of $4,000 (in any currency).


Visas for Family Members

The recent visa amendments in the UAE are fantastic news for citizens’ families. Sons can now be sponsored by parents until the age of 25, while unmarried daughters can be sponsored indefinitely. Before, 18 was the minimum age for boys. As long as the resident’s green visa is still valid, green visa holders are allowed to bring any first-degree relatives who can stay.

Additionally, regardless of their age, children with impairments will receive a permanent residency permit.


Family And Domestic Workers – Golden Visa

The Golden Residence Scheme has undergone revisions in accordance with the UAE’s new visa regulations. The objective is to broaden the categories of beneficiaries and streamline the eligibility requirements.

No matter their age, family members and domestic employees may be sponsored by Golden Residence holders. Furthermore, the Golden Residence is not revoked by a short-term or long-term absence from the nation.

Another advantage is that, in the event that the bearer of the Golden Residence visa passes away, their family members may continue to reside in the nation for the remainder of the permit’s term.



For this sort of visa, the Emirates Scientists Council can suggest highly qualified scientists and researchers. A PhD or a Master’s degree in technology, engineering, the natural sciences, or the biological sciences is the minimum requirement. People who have made significant contributions to research will be given consideration for this category.


Skilled Professionals – Golden Visa

The list of vocations that qualify one for the skilled professionals’ golden visa is constantly expanding. Science and engineering, medical, IT, education, business and administration, social sciences, law, and culture are now included on the list.

Candidates must be covered by an active employment contract. Additionally, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation must classify the employment field as being within the first or second occupational level.

A Bachelor’s degree is required in terms of education, and a monthly salary of AED 30k or more is required.


Grand Visas for Extraordinary Talents

No matter a person’s educational background, monthly income, or job situation, this sort of visa is solely given out based on merit. The federal or local government body makes the endorsement or suggestion. Sportspeople, artists, experts in digital technology, people in the cultural sector, innovators, and inventors can all apply for the visa.


Real Estate Investors Golden Visa

One can obtain a Golden visa as a real estate investor by investing at least AED 2 million. With the modification to the UAE’s visa system, investors can now get a resident visa even while financing the purchase of a property with a loan from a local bank.

Similar to that, they can obtain Golden Residence by purchasing one or more off-plan properties from recognized local real estate companies valued AED 2M or more.


Entrepreneurs’ Golden Residence

Anyone who owns or partners with a start-up in the small and medium company category that is registered in the UAE may qualify for this visa. However, the company must make AED 1 million in sales each year.

Let’s say a person was one of the founders of a business venture that was sold for at least AED 7M. They would thereafter be qualified for a Golden Residence. Either a capable local authority or the Ministry of Economy will authorize the visa.


Graduates And Students – Golden Visa

High achievers from secondary schools, universities, and the top 100 worldwide universities in the UAE are the focus of this visa. The primary selection criteria are graduation year, academic standing, and university classification.


Skilled Employees and Freelancers – Green Visa

The revised visa regulations in the UAE will mostly benefit skilled workers and independent contractors. A 5-year resident visa for skilled workers is available to those with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum annual income of AED 15,000. There is no need that applicants go via an employer or sponsor.


Green Visa: Partner or Investor

This residency visa’s objective is to attract investors. Investors who create or engage in business activity must remain in the country for five years. Previously, the validity of this visa was two years.

For the new Green Visa, investors would have to provide authorization and evidence of their investment. If a person holds several licenses, the overall amount of capital invested will be looked at.

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